Football Season 08 – 09 – Speculative Highlights

Football Season 08 – 09 – Speculative Highlights

As the new football season starts to kick off all around Europe, many interesting points are to be taken after the recess and the transfer window. The press has taken its duty to present all fans and interested parties with all of the transfers and trades by the main clubs in the world, and it has also presented the new players involved in which clubs, the coaches, and all the football circus in general that has already started in the British Premier League, and will start this weekend in Spain with the La Liga opener. So what is left to say about all of these movements and all the hype created in the background in order to make fans excited about their clubs?

Some interesting points are to be taken into consideration: Let us start with the Brits. Chelsea thanks to the Abramovich oil money has brought none other than Brazilian superstar charismatic coach Mr. Scolari in order to put things in order in Chelsea as they did not win the Champions League this season. He also got Deco from Barcelona along many other brand player names and kept Ballack among others in order to be able to play a very offensive 4-3-3 formation and score goals while impress fans. This is a team to watch out for not only in the Premier but in the Champions League as they will surely be contenders. The ทางเข้า ufabet เว็บแทงบอล other team worth mentioning here is Man United, who won both local league and the Champions League last season. After all the talk and all the hype that Real Madrid made with C.Ronaldo going to their squad, this never happened. He is still in the Reds, and will surely play an important role in the team trying to defend both titles.

In Spain, all is left to see whether Barcelona, after ทางเข้า ufabet เว็บแทงบอล selling just about everyone important, will remain a top club, with Josep coming in as head coach. To be honest, the team seems to be playing well in the warm-ups, but as far as long term goals are concerned, Barca sure looks like a far candidate to win the Champions and the La Liga tournament. Madrid on the other hand brought in Dutch superstar Van der Vaart, who will surely spice up the offensive passing that they badly need in order to keep their well oiled machinery working well up front and score goals. Maybe this is the year for Schuster to go all ahead full in the notable European tournament.

The top two Italian teams also have something to cheer as both AC Milan and Inter have spiced up their lineups in order to be once again competitive against all other clubs in the world. Inter brought none other than Mr. Jose Mourinho in order to keep things in check as DT, while AC Milan will now have Ronaldinho, Kaka, Pato, and all the other gang up front in order to become much more offensive than ever before in modern club history.