Football Season Is Not Over Yet – Winning and Losing in the Game of Life

Football Season Is Not Over Yet – Winning and Losing in the Game of Life

What a Game! We loved it! Put your Skills to work, watch the game again so that you can ease into Talking:

1. Especially if you’ve had cold feet about starting a Family Gathering. Use the game as the objective of getting the family comfortable and accustomed to talking together.

2. Do it soon while your family is still hyped-up from the game and might be more inclined to clear their agenda is to watch the game again or talk about it.

3. Make sure refreshments are plentiful.

How to make use of the game for your purpose:


  • Keep in the back of you mind that your objective is to jumpstart your family into the comfort and value of talking together.
  • The game offered many opportunities for great dialogue; let theคู่บอลสเต็ป ufabet kids choose the topics they want to talk about from their perspective.
  • Collect as many reports from various media outlets to keep the conversation flowing. Save unused commentary for another occasion if necessary (hopefully you’ll run out of time before you run out topics.
  • Discuss Positive and Negative “sportsman-like behavior”. Discuss that behavior in general.(May need to save that for another gathering if time does not allow; however, make sure it’s discussed .


Establish Courtesy as Ground Rule.


  • Just as the game has rules and regulations that have to be respected, family members need to respect each other.
  • Siblings are not allowed to speak rudely to one another.
  • Opinions shared are not allowed to be bullied, “Oh you don’t know what you’re talking about, that’s stupid”


In the end take a survey. “Hey this was Great! Let’s have another session next week; who wants to pick the topic?”

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