Is Colloidal Silver Healthful?

Is Colloidal Silver Healthful?

Colloidal silver is a controversial product. Many have never heard of it. Others have only heard that it turns people blue; while others swear by its health giving natural antibiotic properties. If you do research on the World Wide Web, you will find a great deal of conflicting information. What is real?

There is much anecdotal evidence, the vast majority of which is quite positive. However, testimonials are, for the most part, unreliable. Why? Because a placebo works more than 33% of the time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if modern science could find out why a placebo has such a positive effect, and then increase the percentage? If this were to happen, then people could get well by taking sugar pills. And the side affects of today’s modern drugs could become a thing of the past. I digress.

So what is the controversy? Maybe the drug companies are Ibutamoren MK-677 sarm afraid that people will no longer buy their antibiotics, and are therefore attempting to discredit colloidal silver, or certain types of manufactured colloidal silver, or product quality, or whatever. This, of course, is ridiculous, but fear and greed are quite powerful motivators. Perhaps the issue is the various types of colloidal silver. Maybe the producers of each type are fighting to prove that theirs is better. Another issue is an apparent disagreement about the best container for colloidal silver. And yet another issue is the ppm and dosage.

History tells us that silver has been used for centuries, if not longer, to prevent disease. There are examples from as far back as ancient Greece, and as recent as the American Civil War. But we need not look at historical documents to understand how silver can be used to prevent or heal the human body. Two well known companies produce bandages with silver: Curad and Johnson & Johnson. And our hospitals are using them. Some of you older folks may remember your grandmother putting silver in the milk bottle to prevent spoilage.

It is interesting to note that the United States Patent Office has recently granted ten patents since 1990 alone, involving silver for the purpose of healing and preventing disease. Should you wish to review them yourself, th