Mr FBX Reviews – List Building On Steroids

Mr FBX Reviews – List Building On Steroids

Mr FBX Reviews – The Men Behind Mr FBX

This Mr FBX review gives you an insight about the two people behind this product Mr Paul Lynch and Mr FBX also the product itself.

First up is Paul Lynch.

Paul is an SEO expert and runs his own company, he has his own Edu domains…but that is another story. He used to be a football player (soccer if you are from the USA) until injury forced him to find another mean of income to support his lifestyle. He has on-going contracts with Fortune 500 companies as well as some of the other top global companies.

Does Paul know how to get Traffic? You bet he does and he does not partner up with anyone unless they are offering a good product that works!
Who is Mr FBX?

Mr FBX is Australian and is an ex Google employee, but not just any employee, he is credited with building AdWords as it is today. So again does he know how to get traffic? I will not even answer that one. The funny thing about the Mr FBX Product is that all his knowledge that he gained from Google AdWords did not help at all when he first tried this method with Facebook, nearly giving up on it completely but really lucky for you and me he carried on to (crack the code), and has not looked back since.

Mr FBX reviews

Paul Lynch’s Mr FBX membership site will show you how to make money online from face book, CPA offers affiliate deals, ClickBank and AdSense to name a few.

On the sales page Mr FBX quickly shows you how he built a responsive list of over 60,000 people in 48 hours! Can you believe that a 60k list in 48 hrs?

Crazy Bulk legal steroids Not only that but he then went on to monetize the list and made back all his costs in his first campaign. Now he has 60,000 people on this list that he can market to, that will not cost an extra penny to keep and is able to send them offers that he can profit from.

The other thing to remember is that it is one list of many. I know you might think this is pie in the sky and that you could be struggling to get one or to people a day on your own list, but I can tell you this does work.

Will you get 60K list in 48hrs on your first attempt? I doubt it, but saying that someone did get a 12,000 list so it is certainly achievable. Once you learn the process you will just keep getting better and better until you can achieve a 60k list in 48hrs or even go on to beat that amount.

OK, I am now going to explain about the product so that c you can decide whether this is for you, there is work on your part but you are not left alone to figure things out. Once you have bought this product you follow the videos – so it is just like ‘painting by numbers’. The Mr FBX product is in a membership site, costing $97 a month to become a member without restrictions so that you can leave at any time.

You could leave after the first month and be armed with enough knowledge to do it by yourself, but you would be doing yourself an injustice as you would be missing out on the on going tuition and training on how to improve your Facebook listings, as there are updates every week and real life examples to show you what is and not working. I nearly forgot there are always Q & A’s at the end of the weekly updates as well as on going support. The $97 will soon pay for itself if you follow the all steps given that have been tried and tested and remember you have 30 days before your next payment.

Once you are inside the site you will get all the information you require by video.
The step by step video’s show you exactly how to set your face book account up with all the relevant information and how to get your campaign going from start to finish.