Soccer Below the Premiership – Non-League Football

Soccer Below the Premiership – Non-League Football

Nonleague football is the label given to the leagues which exist below the Premiership, Championship and Football League in the UK. Clubs range from full time set-ups playing in front of crowds of up to 4000 down to amateur (unpaid) clubs performing in front two men and a dog.

The nonleague game is the lifeblood of football and is becoming more and more popular as supporters turn away from the high priced offerings of the Premiership to watch their football in more pleasant, friendly and better value for money surroundings.

Nonleague football is organised with many different leagues interconnected in a pyramid shape. The top of the pyramid holds the best clubs which are the fully professional teams with ambitions of entering the Football League; whilst the lower levels of the pyramid houses the lower leagues which consist of clubs who don’t pay their players (sometimes just expenses) and have no real hope or ambition of pushing themselves to the top of the Pyramid.

It is perfectly possible, and is regularly achieved, for a nonleague club to progress from the very bottom of the pyramid to the very top and for the club to then progress in to the Football League.

The pyramid consists of seven levels known as steps with step one being the พนันออนไลน์ highest. The step one league is the Football Conference, currently sponsored and called the Blue Square League, which has a national Premier division and two regional divisions which form step two of the pyramid.

The number of leagues in the pyramid can vary but is usually around 30 leagues with each league comprising of between one and three divisions; below those are hundreds of other leagues at steps 8 and 9 which are considered outside the pyramid. It is important to note at this stage that the pyramid of nonleague football only includes Saturday leagues; the more recreational Sunday leagues are not recognised as providing pyramid football.

The pyramid is officially known as the National League System with the Conference, Southern, Isthmian and Northern Premier Leagues making up steps 1 -4; the upper echelon of the nonleague game.

Automatic relegation and promotion exists between all the leagues and their divisions within the pyramid though clubs looking to progress not only need to perform well on the pitch but they also need to ensure that their ground and facilities are of an adequate standard.