The Golden Rules of An Eternal Happiness

The Golden Rules of An Eternal Happiness

(The restrictions and decrees)

The fundamental standards of an endless joy were given in the initial segment. Different guidelines will be given in this part.

# The forbiddances

Other prohibitions[*] are:

One should not bet. (Lotto, Lottery, Punting are in a similar classification)

One should not compromise pay off.

One should not abuse.

One should not usurp, the products of people should not be taken forcibly.

One should not try not to give testimony regarding a reality.

One should not utilize opiates for delight.

One should not cease from visiting the nearby kinsfolk those are acceptable individuals.

One should not be low during estimating and gauging.

One should not break the hearts of people.

One should not lie.

One should not be egotistical.

One should not be desirous of others’ merchandise, magnificence, achievement and so forth

One should not chatter about others in their nonappearance.

One should not turn into a gossip.

One should not be closefisted.

One ought to never say the prohibited one for the reasonable one and say the allowable one for the taboo one.

One should not eat pork.

One should not eat flesh.

One should not reveal his/her own awrat parts, and should not take a gander at someone else’s awrat parts. (The awrat parts implies the body parts which are important to be covered by Islam)

Men should not spruce up like a lady, nor must ladies spruce up like a man.

Ladies should not go to visits without consent from their spouses.

Ladies should not remain detached from their spouses’ bed.

One should not turn around from Islam (the religion of Allah), after he/she has accepted.

One should not do the salat (supplication) previously, then after the fact its right time.

One should not break the quick without a pardon close to different Muslims during the period of Ramadan.

One should not shun paying zakat to poor people and the others out of luck. (Zakat is paid as 2.5% of the product)

One should not insult some help, which has effectively been finished.

One should not think about the awrat parts of his better half’s body with his mom’s.

One should not revile his better half’s mom.

One should not turn out to be much attached to the common life.

Men should not wear silk ensembles.

Critically ill should not conceal his/her property from his beneficiary.

One should not ignore the precepts of legislators which are not prohibited by religion; and should be a decent individual.

One should not accept that a warlock advises from the concealed.

One should not eat and drink the extras of canines.

One should not take a gander at namahrem Zakat  with no reason. (Namahrem are individuals that are qualified for you to get hitched by Islam)

One should not remain without having a ghusl (the full bathing) after sex as much as to miss a salat (petition) time.

One should not perform sex with his better half on account of her period and restriction.

One should not make a solemn vow on anything aside from Allah ta’âla’s name or the words advised by Islam.

One should not sing corrupt tunes.

One should not fail to remember Qur’an whenever it is retained.

One should not utilize an insulting word for the ashab-I kiram. (Ashab-I Kiram are individuals who had seen Mohammed aleyhissalam and paid attention to Him)

One should not keep on eating in the wake of being satisfied.

One should not superfluously chuckle noisily a lot.

One should not try not to forestall a transgression on the off chance that he/she has sufficient force.

One should not consume live creatures in fire.

One should not demand obliviousness.

One should not stay unapproachable from science.

Some of previously mentioned activities are the cardinal sins. The fierceness of Allah ta’âla is covered up inside sins. One should attempt to stay away from every one of them. Avoiding sins with the dread of Allah is designated “taqwa”. In seeing Allah, the worth of people and networks is with taqwa. Hence, dear sibling, no transgression is nearly nothing and immaterial, attempt to avoid every one of them.

# The charges

A portion of the Islamic commandments[*] for the foundation of virtues additionally are:

Allah should be known as the one and never be neglected.

One should perform salats (the day by day custom petition), give zakat in case he is rich, quick consistently during the period of Ramadan, and make Hajj in case he is a physically fit and rich individual.

One should eat and tanked genuinely (in the way that God allowed).

One should accept that one’s day by day bread is from Allah.

One should spruce up in a clean and truly way.