Using Creatine As a Supplement for Football Weight Training

Using Creatine As a Supplement for Football Weight Training

One of the questions I get asked about most frequently as a coach is whether or not it is safe or effective to take creatine. Most athletes who ask this question play football as their primary sport, and hope that the supplement will make them faster and stronger, but they are concerned about certain dangers that have long been reported in the popular media.

For example, one story regards a wrestler who died after he was engaged in the following activities:


  • Running in a boiler room in an effort to cut weight for competition
  • Wearing a sauna suit to drop weight even faster
  • Using creatine as a sports supplement


The factor that the media seemed to focus on was the third www.ufabet one, the use of creatine. The conclusion, then, is that creatine is inherently dangerous or can contribute to serious health problems. But nothing could be further from the truth.

It seems that the first two activities — running in a boiler room, and wearing a sauna suit — are ignored. However, either one of these is extremely dangerous to be doing for any extended period of time, if at all. Both activities can raise the body temperature to extreme degrees very quickly, while depleting water reserves in the body through sweat. The use of supplemental creatine was as relevant to this case as if the wrestler had eaten oatmeal for breakfast or not.

Creatine is already present in every cell in the human body. It is a natural substance that is used in energy production and bonds to phosphate inside cells. In particular, it is utilized in the phosphate-creatine cycle, which is one of several cycles that the body can use for energy production. Having an elevated level of creatine in the cells simpy provides athletes more potential energy to use when lifting, running, or engaging in any activity that uses the phosphate-creatine cycle, as many football activities do.