Driving Solicitors: Your Partners in Traffic Law

Employment solicitors can be of great help in employment related issues, such as:

Employer-employee conflict

Recruitment policy formulation

Employment law covers all areas of an employer-employee relationship, with the exception of the negotiation process mentioned in the labour law. Therefore, employment lawyers can assist both the opposing parties in conflicts relating to:

Employee discrimination

Unfair termination of employment

Worker’s compensation


Wages and work condition claims


Workplace injury

Employment Solicitors: Services Offered

The following are some essential services Driving Solicitors performed by good employment solicitors before providing employment law advice:

Check the employment practices of the organization– The solicitor will first look through the personnel records and review the recruitment procedure. S/he will then weed out weaknesses, if any, and suggest ways of resolving problem areas.

Offer regular meetings – Regular employment meetings are a part of the employment law advisory scheme offered by law firms. Solicitors will meet the HR department, managerial team and other important members of the organization on a regular basis. The purpose behind the meetings is to judge the terms of employment, disciplinary procedures, absenteeism, equal opportunities and similar employment requisites.

Provide an employment manual– An employment manual is a source of reference for maintaining good employment practices. The manual should include information on fair recruitment procedures, guidelines on drafting employment contracts and aspects of effective HR practices.

Provide a risk management report– Employment solicitors will provide a comprehensive risk management report, after reviewing your company’s current policies, practices and adherence to legislation. This report should include plans for improvement that would reduce the risk of disputes between the organizational head/s and staff members.

Provide insurance cover – An insurance cover proves useful in case an employee files a case against your company. It will cover the legal expenses of defending employment disputes up to a limit of £100,000 per claim. Sometimes it also covers compensation awards and out-of-court settlements.

While looking for employment solicitors, ensure that you receive employment advice that is worth the money you spend. You must look for reasonably priced lawyers, rather than looking for the cheapest option. Lower rates might entail inexperienced solicitors who would lack the practical knowledge and abilities of an experienced lawyer.

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